Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
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DAV Global provides unique programmes for concept development in Mathematics, English, Thinking Skills and Practical Science for class I onwards. For pre-primary classes, we believe in concept development activities which will gear them up for higher classes. 

  • Smart Classrooms for e-Learning
  • Special Maths Development Programme
  • Special Language Development Programme
  • Junior Practical Science Programme
  • Integrated Themes
  • My Thinking Skills
  • Concept Development Activities
  • Life Skills Education
  • Quality Circle Time

Teachers at the DAV Global School Patiala are ones who have interdisciplinary competences and exhibit multi-disciplinary orientations. They are chosen and nurtured based on their grounding in educational philosophy, technology and psychology. They know the subject, know its application and know its connectivity with other subjects. 

They are comfortable with convergence technologies, IT integration, and multi media resources and are equipped with modern technology and have the ability to produce CDs, use the internet and impart instruction through activities, projects. Each teacher plays multiple roles like subject teacher, house tutor, house mentor or activity guide or a fellow sportsperson. 

The mentoring function is a primary role of the teacher. They are expected to develop, with the limited number of students under their charge, close rapport and relationship that comforts and inspires the student to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection, warmth, trust, togetherness and openness. 

Thus, in addition to being a subject expert, the teacher is leader and motivator; role model and mentor; learner and innovator.