Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi (Upto Secondary Level) [Aff No. 1631100 - School Code - 21078]

Vision And Mission  


The purpose of education is the overall unfolding and gentle blossoming of the child at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of his / her personality. True education complements academic excellence with character and personality development. 

DAV Global provides the best environment where the students can develop all aspects of their personality. We give top priority to quality education, tapping all sources, be it from human power or from modern technologies. 
In an endeavour to provide value based education, six core values of Teamwork, Respect, Responsibility, Ethics, Etiquette and Service are part of all student activities and are well integrated in the curriculum.


With energy, enthusiasm and open mind we confidently move towards developing life long learners who demonstrate respect, understanding and a commitment to an improved world. 

DAV Global aims at producing all rounders who : 

  • Have deeply ingrained core values of humility, respect honesty and hardwork.   
  • Are physically fit, Emotionally balanced, Spiritually inclined, intellectually sharp and mentally strong.
  • Are self-reliant, responsible global citizens.
  • Are fluent speakers of English.
  • Have sound general knowledge and awareness of national and international situations.
  • Are Confident leaders. 
  • Are self-disciplined .
  • Are well versed in information technology .
  • Have highly developed scientific and mathematical abilities.
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डीएवी ग्लोबल स्कूल
चिनार बाग, अर्बन एस्टेट , फेज - II
पटियाला - 147002.
फ़ोन :  0175 - 2923220, + 91 9216840025, + 91 9216840026
ईमेल : principaldavgp@gmail.com
वेबसाइट : www.davglobal.com

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